Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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Pig Iron

this band

Average rating 3.9


Pig Iron

24 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Tyne and Wear

Mark Ward Vox

Matty Reid Bass+Vox

Aaron Bertram Guitar+Vox

Mik Warnaby Drums+Vox


40oz are a hardcore band, hailing from newcastles underground music scene. Boasting a unique sound with live shows resembling what can only be described as carnage. Theese guys live there lyrics. True hardcore.


Terror, Trash Talk, Madball, Hatebreed, Six Ft Ditch, Harms Way, Hang The Bastard, H2O, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood, TRC, Ceremony,Naysayer, Your demise. Everything hardcore!

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