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7 Day Weekend


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7 Day Weekend


19 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Cheshire

Calan Vocals

Tom Guitar

Clayton Guitar

Dan Bass

John Drums

Biography Hey guys! 7 Day Weekend here! All aged 18 or below, 7 Day Weekend are a pop punk/ alternative band from Warrington England. With catchy guitar riffs, and strong emotionally driven lyrics. They’ve drawn comparisons to You Me At Six and Young Guns.

Clayton , John , Calan, Dan & Tom started off just over a year ago, to aim as high as possible... And the ball hasn\\\'t stopped rolling for us as we’ve gone from Calans old garage to Manchester Academy 3, playing along side huge talents such as Destine, Above The Underground, That Sunday Feeling and Attack! Attack!

The Debut EP was recorded in Manchester at Patron Sound Recordings and was self released on CD and Online. A Music Video is being produced for one of the tracks from EP ‘Hide’ which has had almost 4000 views since April.


Pop Punk / Alternative / Hardcore etc Music such as Deaf Havana, Young Guns, You Me At Six & The Devil Wears Prada, Attack! Attack!, Paramore! Life & Basketball!

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