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A Poetic Yesterday


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A Poetic Yesterday


2 Feb 2012 date joined

England, Worcestershire

Gavin Stewart Guitar/Vocals

David Yarnell Drums

Ryan Stewart Bass

Richard Marshall Guitar


Who are APY? A Poetic Yesterday are a four piece British Grunge Pop- Punk band about to release their new album 'Revolutions'.

The latest single from the Redditch boys, A Poetic Yesterday, is Midnightmares and the music video will be released exclusively on their YouTube channel this weekend. You can stream it at

Birmingham's own grunge-punk outfit, A Poetic Yesterday, are releasing their second full length album 'Revolutions' next week. The album includes the Kerrang TV hit 'The Movie: Director's Cut' and the Takedown MMA theme tune 'Takedown'. They are a group who exist to play and rock out hard at shows putting the music first time and again. 2011 saw them take a big step forward with an extraordinary success in their global social media campaign. Their new album, 'Revoltuions' is released next week, 6th February 2012 on Banter Music . "We really feel that 2012 is our year" says drummer Dave Yarnell. "We can't wait to get back on the road and playing shows again. The fans are phenomenal and so passionate about the music it's insane!"

The band have posted a new song from their forthcoming album entitled, 'Bring Back the Clap' which can be streamed at :

A Poetic Yesterday have been regarded by Alex Baker of Kerrang Radio as band that "the more and more I listen the more I loved it." They are also a very hardworking band - booking show after show from Birmingham O2 to small club venues playing on the floor up close and personal with the fans. A Poetic Yesterday are a band who simply have the bug for playing live music. They almost brought the Extreme Stage tent down headlining last year's Bomfest in Barnsley as Gavin, the lead singer, climbed to the top of the tent pole during the encore. Their hard work ethic, high energy shows, anthemic choruses and big hooks are meaning A Poetic Yesterday are making a real name for themselves in the UK scene.

Having been chosen to write the theme for Europe's largest Amateur MMA organisation Takedown MMA earlier last year and having their tracks featured in several films over the years it seems that A Poetic Yesterday's drive and determination to break out by taking every opportunity and playing every show they can is finally paying off.

"Revolutions is a real push in the right direction," says producer Liam Andrew Wright, "after Matt left the band the guys needed to find a new direction. We worked in the studio for months trying to help them find a sound that suited the four piece and 'Revolutions' is the epitome of that. We're calling it grunge-punk because that's the only way we can describe it. Gritty vocals and evocative lyrics mixed with big pop-punky anthems of choruses - Midnightmares is the big track on the album and we can't wait for people to hear it and see the new video."


nirvana, four years strong, alexisonfire, lit, finch, the used

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