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A World Defined


this band

Average rating 4.6

A World Defined


10 Apr 2012 date joined

England, Derbyshire

Aidy Lennox Vocals

Jordan Arnold Guitars

Alex Sumner Guitars

Liam Reeves Bass

Harry Gavuzzi Drums


A World Defined are a 5 peice post-hardcore band hailing from Derby in the United Kingdom. Brought together with a love for music and art, they combine the both to create their own passionate sound that is as aggressive as it is beautiful. This year the band completed work on their debut EP 'Welcome In This Feeling', which is to be released on Monday 6th February via the bands official website. The record sees the band truly define their sound, one that they can confidently call their own. Combining the emotion and aggression of Aidy lennox vocals they create endless hooks between the expansive progressions and raw punk riffs that create the driving force behind the band. A World Defined are a band who appreciate and love the live show, and in 2012 they will take 'Welcome In This Feeling' on the road to every venue, in every corner of the country.


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