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Average rating 3.8



2 Feb 2012 date joined

England, Gloucestershire

Rupe Moreland Guitar

Will Finlay Guitar

Jith Amarasinghe Guitar

Hugh Rochfort Drums

Lloyd Fincham Bass


‘Hailing from the Southwest of England, Atlases were conceived in 2008. Inspired by atmospheric moody instrumental rock, and shoegaze soundscapes the band set out to establish a project that could act to challenge their own abilities and establish a live sound that offered something refreshing to audiences.

The momentum of the band’s activity has only been matched by the remarkable evolution of the band’s sound. Atlases' EP, ‘When The Ocean Met The Sky’, has reached a quality you’d normally expect of a band with many more releases under its belt.

The range of influences that have leaked into the song-writing process, includes healthy doses of 80s shoegaze and post-2000 melodic hardcore creating an effortless, coherent and constantly engaging end product.


Deftones Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slowdive My Bloody Valentine Brand New The Album Leaf Thrice

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