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Avalon Way

mindful of changes

this band

Average rating 4.2

Avalon Way

mindful of changes

29 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Lancashire

rik holden vocals

chris holden guitar

james mcneil lead guitar

john taylor bass

matt dearden drums


For this group of friends playing music together has been their life, and this is clearly represented within their music. A raw, powerful sound but with the gentle grace and intricacy that can only be created by the wide variety of influences that have shaped the modern day feel of Avalon way. With a sound influenced by the Foo fighters and biffy clyro to the manic street preachers and Fightstar, the band are striving forward with a new modern rock edge. Whether it be to a crowd of 50 or 5000 few bands are as at ease on stage as Avalon way, attacking each live show with the same ferocity as the last and with the unabated thirst to play the next. This level of comfort and ease only comes from groups such as this that have spent the past 10 years making music and memories together and honing all of their skills through the gruelling challenges and adventures of the road.

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