Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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12 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Gloucestershire

Paul Collier Vocals

Owen Spalding Guitar

James Griffiths Guitar

Casey Cook Bass

Thomas Griffiths Drums


Formed in 2009 over their love of music, Bats About Bats began in a shed in Frampton Cotterell, a suburb just outside of Bristol. After a year of playing to empty rooms, they found their feet and their sound and have been perfecting it and playing to bigger and bigger audiences ever since. They have released 2 EP's: Unicrons and Unholy Jazz. Unholy Jazz was the more successful of the two and has since taken them from a select following to one of Bristol's most beloved hardcore bands. The passion and the musicianship not only lies in their recordings however, their live performance is a pallet of emotion, angst and frustration as well as a musicianship that has progressed and been refined since forming.

It has been this passion and musicianship that has gained them the chances and opportunities to allowed them to travel and play all over the South West, gaining the chances to support the likes of OFF! (US) (Vice Records), The Carrier (US) (Deathwish Inc.), Dead Swans (Bridge Nine), Brutality Will Prevail (Holy Roar/Purgatory Records), Throats (Holy Roar/Twelve Gauge Records) (RIP), Witch Cult (Holy Roar Records), Feed The Rhino (In At The Deep End Records), The King Blues (Transmission Recordings) as well as countless others.

In releasing their Unholy Jazz EP, they have had the following said about them by the press:

"You have to feel after this record, crowds all around the country should be kneeling to this band such is their obvious talent”

“BatsAboutBats are one of the absolute hidden gems in the South West in terms of punk music”

Bats have a new EP/Tape coming out in 2012 on 2 DIY labels: Cursed Records (UK) and Open Sea Records (US), I sincerely hope you listen to it and take the time to help them ensure they play as many festivals and shows as they can this summer.

Welcome to the end....


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