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Black Emerald

Dr. Stein

this band

Average rating 4.5

Black Emerald

Dr. Stein

23 Mar 2012 date joined

England, Berkshire

David Toland Bass/Backing Vocals

Duncan Andrews Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Edd Higgs Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Simon Hall Lead Vocals


Black Emerald was formed back in 2005 by Edd Higgs and Chris Davies while attending a summer school called Sound School. The Talent was vey apparent from face melting solos to just catchy songs in general. They then took it on themselves to take it further, and show the world what they had. Jakk Bourne was given the role of Vocals and rhythm guitar and Vocals, whilst Andrew Eaglesham took over bass guitar. Black Emerald then started spreading it's influence around the local area, and quickly became known. A year or so down the line Andrew Eaglesham left and was replaced by Jess bell, to bring a new change to the band.

The time came when Jakk and Jess soon left due to college and University commitments, and it was left to the two veterans to hold it together.

After a long progression of rhythm guitarists and bassists, over about 2 years, they landed at current Crew. The new and improved Black Emerald, with Ben Readings on Bass, Simon Hall on Vocals and Pammy on Rhythm Guitar. With it came a new sound. Punchier riffs, and a new element to Rock! From soaring chorus' to booming Breakdowns. It was then time to show the World what they had! They started going to New local areas, and it wasn't long until they had their first international Show in Oslo, Norway, supporting Svolk and Kalashnikov. Shortly followed by the release of their first album... Shine!

And now after Old veteran Chris Davies and Pammy left for Univeristy it was time for a big lineup Change, when they also said goodbye to Ben Readings. Now, a stronger lineup would take to the stage. Dave Toland taking Bass, Duncan Andrews taking joint Lead Guitar, and Barny Sayce on drums, and with them a new EP Titled Isolation, soon to be Released!


Annihilator, Devin Townsend, Down, Black Label Society

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