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Dead And Buried

this band

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Dead And Buried

19 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Hampshire

Kieran Saunders Vocals and guitars

Liam Saunders Drums

Lewis Marlow Guitars

Truk Bowthorpe Bass


Formed in early 2009 Bloodworks are four teenagers from the depths of Gosport that play a blend of thrashy death metal. Influenced by a vast array of music, the band have forged a unique sound that has been described as sounding like “a bus driving through a school”. In late 2009 the band recorded and released a two track demo CD which has since been the catalyst for landing many gigs across the south coast including notable support slots with bands such as: Animals As Leaders, Breed 77, Malefice, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Ingested, Martyr Defiled, Postmortem Promises, The Defiled, Lazarus AD, Ted Maul, and Bonded By Blood. Since recording those demos the band’s sound had matured into a much tighter, more aggressive force, intent on provoking the listener’s anger and causing chaos, which is showcased fully on their freshly released debut EP which they started work on in late 2010. At the present Bloodworks are looking to gig all year long in as many different places as possible, hoping to expand their territory and give the British metal scene what it is crying out for; a raw, aggressive, different metal band.


Lamb of God, Slayer, Meshuggah, Dream Theater, Gojira, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Cannibal Corpse, Oceano, Arch Enemy.

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