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2 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Northumberland

Grym cox Vocals

Adam Green Guitar

Davey White Guitar

Woll bass

Andrew Ellis Drums


Bloodwrath Bloodwrath was formed in Newcastle, England early 2009 by all five orignial members witch got together from playing in other bands on the same gig circuit. Since the beginning, bloodwrath have constantly wrote music aswell as playing up and down the uk on a weekly basis. In just two short years the band have played aproximatly 90 shows and has also played in eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine. The band played two shows in Ukraine with UK thrash metal legends Onslaught, before comencing into Russia for their owen headlining shows. Towards the middle of 2010 Bloodwrath signed to uk independant metal label Rising Records, witch brought them to the released of the debut album \"THE HATE EFFECT\" early 2011. The band appeared in magazines such as metal hammer and terrorizer aswell as the fear candy #100th edition in terrorizer and a complaition cd in metal hammer, also bloodwrath have made two music videos for songs HYPERCHRIST and AGAINST THE TIDE witch are both songs from \"THE HATE EFFECT\" and videos are showed on music channel SCUZZ. In 2012 bloodwath have a load of shows through out the UK aswell as some festivals in the UK and Europe, also the writing progress for the second full length album has began aswell as a uk tour planned for july 2012. See you on the road.

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