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Broken Torment

Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence

this band

Average rating 4.3

Broken Torment

Memoirs Of Mankinds Decadence

21 Dec 2011 date joined

England, West Midlands

Guy Herriot VOCALS

Mike Rees DRUMS

Jon Crofts BASS

Stevo Timbrell GUITAR

Craig Hunt GUITAR


Broken Torment are a progressive/groove metal band from the West Midlands bringing a mixture of hard hitting Groove with heavy melodic riffs, coming together in 2011 the band have played up & down the United Kingdom supporting some great acts and are now looking to set up that next level.

The Free Release of their debut Self Titled EP out in February saw it gain over a thousand d...own loads in just over 3 months. Broken Torment have played the country from top to bottom in there first year of being a band in 2011,with two headline UK tours achieved. Bringing an amazing live show including mixtures of gutteral & clean singing Boken Torment's live show aims to bring energy in abundance,but keeping with that a tight live musical performance.

First up was Broken Torment starting their set with an intro of a classic scene from The Shining, it set the tone nicely. A truly confident performance all around the vocals were delivered clearly and effortlessly over meshuggah influenced guitars which had plenty of groove and some interesting effect soaked clean sections which locked in well with the drums, which didn’t suffer from the minimal kit in use. The only quip was that the bass was a little lost in the mix, but the performance from bass player Jon was still a sight to behold. Broken Torment could easily have been higher up the bill with their solid set so early in the night

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