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The Depths

this band

Average rating 4.4


The Depths

14 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Greater London

Gary Ptaszek Vocals/guitar

Gary Tinsley vocals/bass

Dan Tinsley drums


Since their formation in 2008 Burgundy have made their mark as one of the most original and compelling groups doing the rounds in London and the Southeast. Without fail every live set sees the trio embark on a journey through their repertoire, delving into syncopated rhythms and imitative musical turns that blend with ferocious walls of sound, which blast away any accusations of pretentiousness. Simply put, Burgundy are a trio gazing everywhere except their shoes. What’s more Burgundy’s sound cannot be pinned down to one category, both in terms of musical influence (with keen ears being able to pick up a host of influences from hardcore to acoustic folk), song writing, and feeling. Much the same could also be said about Burgundy’s lyrical content. Nothing is spoon fed to the listener, instead there are suggestions and half meanings; shades of emotion and experience akin to an oil painting as opposed to the colour-within-the-lines contrast of more cookie-cutter song writing contemporaries. The release of the Endeavour EP (recorded at Audium in Dartford, Kent) did much to solidify and spread the word on Burgundy’s versatility. Indeed, each track demonstrates how easily the trio are able to go from delicate melodies to window shaking thunderstorms of sound, expertly weaving it all together in a way that never let’s your attention slip. Tracks such as ‘Flies’ and ‘Let’s Be Content’ will grab the attention of first time listeners thanks to irresistible hooks and dynamic changes, yet at the same time remind long term fans of how the trio’s output continues to morph and mature. Undoubtedly Burgundy are set to move on upwards as they continue to expand their musical horizons and move further a field in terms of live shows and musical depth. Watch this space... 'Dann Gaymer'- AWEH "Burgundy is a band of multiple abilities, which can take us into quieter worlds or throw us into heavier moments of savage ecstasy." 'Charlie Chipchase'-


Thursday, Reuben, Thrice, Sonic Youth, Mastodon, Deftones, The Depths, Alexisonfire

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