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CHAOS CREEK - State of Play LIVE at the Attic

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CHAOS CREEK - State of Play LIVE at the Attic

19 Dec 2011 date joined

Scotland, Lothian

Kieran Hunter Vocals, Guitar

Scott Hanlon Drums

Kellii Lead Guitar

Steven Livingstone Bass


A hard rock band from West Lothian, Scotland. The band formed in January 2011 by guitarists Kieran and Kellii. Not long afterwards drummer Scott Hanlon was added to the line-up. Over the few months of looking for a bass player the band finally got Steven/\"Livy\" in the band. By April the line-up was complete. The band spent the first couple of months mainly recording. (Recording/mixing usage was mainly at home and the recording studio at Jewel & Esk college.) By June the band was finally gigging. Mainly small bars and venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Chaos Creek are currently tightening up the new material/songs and have just begun the recording production towards a second CD release for next year. So more new tracks to come!


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