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Chapter 7

Nothing To Say

this band

Average rating 4.4

Chapter 7

Nothing To Say

4 Mar 2012 date joined

England, Staffordshire

Kelly Edwards Vocals

Adam Brown Guitar

Oscar Hall Guitar

George Nash Bass

Patrick McGowan Drums


Chapter Seven is a heavy rock band from a small town in the East Midlands called Uttoxeter. The band formed a few years ago and has proved their worth, playing shows all across the midlands with Kelly Edwards generating melodic hooks and anthemic choruses good enough to heal the deaf and George Nash bitch slapping the funk out of his bombastic bass. Providing the high end shreddage and keeping the art of the guitar solo alive are the two Ibanez wielding axe men Oscar Hall and Adam Brown, who like nothing better on a warm summer’s eve than to hold you down and melt your faces with arpeggiated fury, while Patrick McGowan sits behind the kit and beats those skins faster than a Lamborghini on crack. If this line up doesn’t make your balls ache, then I don’t know what will.


Guns N' Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Protest The Hero, Alter Bridge, While She Sleeps

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