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Outstretched Arms

this band

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Outstretched Arms

1 Feb 2012 date joined

England, Warwickshire

Dave Boyle Bass/ L Vox

Ian Harris Guitar/ B Vox

Steve Hodge Guitar

Dan Watts Drums/ B Vox


hard working regularly touring. Music consists of melodic breakdowns, catchy choruses and passionate beat downs. Lyrics are positive capturing lifes circumstances and speak of hope.

We have had the pleasure of supporting the following bands - Tour with UK Giants Heights, War Of Ages, In the Midst Of Lions, Kashee Opeiah, Fandangle, Flatfoot 56, Stigma, The Elijah, Escape from Sickness, Sacrificium, Through Solace


Underaoath, The Chariot, Life In Your Way, Minor Threat,

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