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Confined Within


this band

Average rating 4.4

Confined Within


21 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Staffordshire

Tom Ashton Lead Vox

Matt Munro Rhythm Guitar/Clean Vox

Jay Kay Lead Guitar

Joe Mayer Bass

Elliott Oakley Drums


Confined Within - Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom Available Now!!


Yes, yes, everyone thinks metalcore has completely run out of ideas nowdays. However, thats not to say that there aren’t still bands capable of reminding you just how good this genre can be. Take Confined Within for instance. Sure, they don’t reinvent the wheel on this muscular debut album, but they do grab it with admirable conviction on the punchy When The World Stops Turning and during the exhilarating dual guitar work on closer Memories Of You. While they do strike an all too familiar balance between brutal breakdowns, rough vocals and soaring melodic choruses, the fact that this chest beating directness spans their entire album undoubtedly helps Confined Within stand out from the rest. KKK — Kerrang 18/05/11

Having honed their art on during support slots with everyone from Skindred to Trigger The Bloodshed, it’s about time Stafford melodic metalcore troop Confined Within unleashed their debut offering on the young UK modern metal scene and, you know what, whilst it certainly won’t be seen as an album that reinvents the wheel, Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom isn’t half bad. With obvious influences from bands like Metallica, these boys certainly know how to weave a decent melody into their crunchy sound and, to their credit, don’t go balls out right from the off. However, on the downside there are moments during the initial tracks on the album when you’d really like the band to open up the throttle and go for it because when they do during Demons and the furious When The World Stops Turning, the end result is most impressive. Of course that’s not to say that the melodic chunk of their sound is weak, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, it would just be nice to see the band, like I said, unleash the beast a little bit more. On the plus side though, the melodic element doesn’t sound forced and, when mixed with the beefier aspect, the whole thing gels together quite nicely. As the album progresses, another point in their favour is the fact that they are fronted by a singer who can actually handle the cleaner parts – a problem which sadly ruins most albums of this ilk. Not so in this case as the album clearly highlights how hard the band have worked to ensure every element of their sound locks together to create one coherent end result.

For now, Ashes Of A Fallen Kingdom is a great starting point for these young lads. As a standalone album it is something they should be proud of, as a base for a future career, it’s a strong start. Give them a year or so on the road and little bit more fine-tuning here and there and Confined Within will be firing on all cylinders.

7/10 — Planet Loud 10/5/11


Metallica, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, This Or The Apocalypse, Miss May I, The Devil Wears Prada.

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