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CDC (live)

this band

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CDC (live)

21 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Cornwall

Josh Grey Guitar/Vocals

Harry Facey Guitar/Vocals

Ben Townsend Bass

Elliot Grey Drums


Credicide are an up and coming, hard hitting hard-rock band from the south west band who play what they want and not what the "scene" dictates, and they hope you like it as much as they do. they are always playing gigs and are constantly writing new material. They have their demo of their song "Truth and Treachery" up on Facebook which they like and are releasing their full 5 track EP "Chemical Energy" in February 2012. The band began in January 2011 and have been unstoppable in writing, playing and the growth of their music. Before Credicide there was "Sad Mammoth", Josh, Elliot and Ben's previous band, but when old guitarist Jack proved not quite right for the mix, new lead guitarist Harry moved in, and the band decided to give everything a complete overhaul, with a new name, new tunes and new endeavours. Since then they have been constantly playing new shows and venues even to the point where they reached the final of the prestigious Livewire Battle of the bands within one year of forming the current line up. Come see Credicide for what has been described as "a kick ass night of hard rock brilliance."


papa roach, slipknot, avenged sevenfold, stone sour, pantera, hellyeah, guns n roses, metallica, red, buck cherry, disturbed, dope, static x, il nino, chimaira, atreyu, ffdp

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