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Depths UK

Haters Gunna Hate (rough track, teaser only)

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Average rating 3.5

Depths UK

Haters Gunna Hate (rough track, teaser only)

26 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Lincolnshire

Dan Ward Vocals

Kieran Slocombe Guitar

Craig Turner Guitar

Harry Thornburn Bass/Vocals

Matthew Jones Drums


Depths, 5 Piece Band from Bourne. Dan Ward, Kieran Slocombe, Craig Turner, Harry Thornburn and Matthew Jones. Check out some stuff on the bandpage tab! After taking a break for a couple of months we have decided to come back. We have a new set written up and are in the process of recording..slowly! Check the teaser out on the bandpage. Look forward to gigging in 2012! We have supported many bands like: Heart Of A Coward Visions In Archives Aleera Decorus & More

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