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Dirty Keys

Casanova 2.0

this band

Average rating 4.1

Dirty Keys

Casanova 2.0

10 Jan 2012 date joined

Scotland, Strathclyde

Dave Gillies Piano, Vox

Ben Robb Drums

Rob Birrell Bass Guitar


Dirty Keys is an epic piano pop/rock band from Glasgow, serving alternate courses of confidence and paranoia on a bed of shattered punk, classical and hip-hop records. Expect tales of bitter innocence and honest confessions from the other side.

We actually SOUND quite nice, tho.

This is the land of the bittersweet vocalist, the lair of the lovesick troubadour. This is Dirty Keys - home of the scumbag protagonist.

"Urbane almost to a fault, there was nonetheless a twinkle in the collective eye of this band that suggested a murderous intent underneath that polished veneer." -- Bluesbunny Independent Music Review

"Strong melodies, witty lyrics, impeccable musicianship." -- Chris Ward, 'Left of the Dial'

"harmonic interest is typical of dirty keys' songs and one gets the impression that they thing simultaneously of harmony and melody, so firmly are the major tonic sevenths and ninths built into their tunes, and the flat-submediant key-switches, so nature is the aeolian cadnce at the end of "time of being" (the chord progression which ends mahler's 'song of the earth')" -- Sir Simon Rattle, via the internet


King Crimson, MF Doom, Wilco, Khachaturian, Chopin, St Vincent, Mansun, TOKAMAK, The Strokes, Stark Reality, Kōji Kondō, John Barry, Danny Elfman, Michael Land. And a lot of other stuff.

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