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Drug Couple

Victor Crowley

this band

Average rating 4.3

Drug Couple

Victor Crowley

28 Dec 2011 date joined

Scotland, Central

Sam Wells Vocals

Jordan Cameron Guitar

Steve Cairns Bass

Stef Bednarek Drums


After years of playing in seperate bands, Perth based hardcore band Drug Couple decided to come together and start a project that none of the guys had done before. Steve and Stef had been around the music scene for many years in Perth playing a mixture of different bands such as basic indie rock to punk and Oi! Jordan and Sam played together in what can only be described as a band with a fusion of indie and hardcore - a type very hard to compare any other band to. After the demise of one of the bands which included Jordan and Sam, they decided that they wanted to start something intense, something somewhat only described as straight up no limits hardcore. Stef was asked to join as drummer due to fame in the local area with his other band and Steve was asked to join after the parting of the bands previous bass player. After one practice the basis of 5 songs were all ready written and Steve joined as a full-time member. Drug Couple was born. After 8 rehearsals together, the band decided to record a 5 track ep consisting of 5 extremely heavy and very effective songs. The Ep launch will be in Glasgows 13th note on the 3rd of January 2012. The guys continue to be booked for shows not only in Scotland, but a mini tour of north England is planned for early 2012. The EP has had a massive online response and demands are heavy for copies of the "mini cd" which is currently being promoted by Moshtache Records based in Newquay. Drug Couple hope to have an adverse and positive affect on the hardcore scene in and around the UK. The track Victor Crowley is written about a character from a horror movie called Hatchet directed by Adam Green. Adam gave his full permission for the use of the name.


Black Flag, Sick Of It All, Slipknot and horror movies

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