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6 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Greater London

Rob Marney Guitar + Vocals

Will Marney Bass + Vocals

Ben McEntegart Drums + Vocals


Eastroad have been playing gigs around the U.K. since 2001. Originally from Lincolnshire the band decided to move South to the capital in the summer of 2006. The band members and their roadie live in Brixton, South London.

Eastroad, have honed their live act by playing the Backstage Bars and the Green Fields stages at Glastonbury Festival for the past four years.

Also major Festivals and venues around the U.K. in support of Oxfam, Jail Guitar Doors, Love Music Hate Racism & Camden Calling

Eastroad, comprise of two brothers Rob Marney, Will Marney & Ben McEntegart . Rob co-writes the Eastroad material with Will. He has a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. At present employed as a consultant engineer with an international company, whose focus is on designing environmentally-friendly, sustainable buildings.

Will the younger Marney, plays bass and shares the vocals with Rob. Resting actor, currently working for the London Probation Service. Studying for degree in Natural Sciences with the Open University.

Ben is the man behind the drum kit, he also provides backing vocals Has now finished studying at Drum Tech. Now works as a fitness instructor & Lifeguard.


The Clash -The Who -The Jam - Billy Bragg

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