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Road to Ruin

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Road to Ruin

6 Mar 2012 date joined

England, Somerset

Ed Graves Guitar


Ed Graves' Bio written by Ed Cole Ed is a young and talented multi-instrumentalist, with a passion for the guitar in a wide spectrum of genres, from classical to rock, flamenco to jazz. Taking inspiration from classical and contemporary pieces, Ed's original works combine traditional guitar methods of playing with tapping and other percussive techniques to produce pieces that are at times as surprising as they are entertaining. In addition to his solo acoustic performances he is a member of Evolver - a progressive rock band and popular finalists in the Dorset music awards, and other ensembles, including a jazz band which has in recent months performed in Paris and London Jazz venues.


Evolver, Andrew White, Andy McKee, Stefano Barone, Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age

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