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14 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Devon

Tyler Page Vocals

Alex May Guitars

Matt George Guitars

Tom Jackson Bass

Connor Halliday Drums


Ascending through the British metal scene, Elithia is a five piece metal unit from Plymouth, England. With a mutual passion for everything metal and a burning desire to drive their music forward, the band achieved its initial line up in mid 2010- Alex May and Adam Rapley established a duumvirate of dual guitar mayhem, Tom Jackson delicately providing the rumbling low end, Connor Halliday effortlessly gliding around his drum kit, and finally Tyler "Cage" Page fronting the band with a lethal combination of brutal vocals and a natural control of the crowd's attention and energy!

After an intense period of writing, playing local shows, and finding their feet in Plymouth, Elithia went on to win the South West "Battle of the bands" competition held throughout September. As 2011 dawned, Adam announced his decision to leave Elithia. The aftermath of Adams departure resulted in a four piece Elithia for a small period of time and the band held a number of auditions to plug the hole torn in their musical wall. Matt George stood out as being the most suitable and within a couple of weeks, Elithia were back on the rails as a five piece, writing new material and finding their sound- brutal, melodic, yet refreshingly catchy with all of the energy present in a live Elithia show encompassed within this sound.

Parallel to the expanding range and increased frequency of Elithia shows spanning the South West, October saw the band launch their debut EP- "No Time For Mercy".

2011 has seen the band set foot on the first rung of the ladder ascending up through the metal scene and allowed Elithia to present a taste of what is to come in the near future.

2012 is set to be a mental year for Elithia! Keep an eye (and ear) out!

"What's impressive about this band is their way of making a sound that's incredibly delicate but brutally heavy at the same time, and the execution is absolutely immaculate." "Their stage presence is electrifying and quite frankly frightening in the best way possible". "These words don't give them justice, so get out and see them." - Courtesy of Ruby Walsh (PULP Magazine)


Opeth, The Faceless, Veil of Maya, Periphery, The Contortionist, Parkway Drive August Burns Red, Dream Theater, Trivium, Within The Ruins, Animals As Leaders.

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