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Engraved Disillusion

As Life Fades

this band

Average rating 4.4

Engraved Disillusion

As Life Fades

29 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Somerset

Chris Pugsley Vocals

Marc matthews Guitars

Toby Stewart Guitars

Chris Threfall Drums

Matt Thomas Bass


Since the release of their debut EP Desolate in late 2009, Engraved Disillusion have acquired a respectable fan base proving their live skills, providing an uncompromising, enthralling and commanding live set. Playing all over the UK with bands such as; Sylosis, Anterior, The eyes of A Traitor, Tessaract, Cinders Fall, Enemy Reign, the Rotted and narrowly missing out on the chance to support Dark Tranquillity on their 2010 European tour . Their fast progression has done nothing but to savour their palette for further achievement. Having self released the Ep with the ability for free downloads; Desolate has spread far and wide with excellent feedback from fans and critics alike.

With the Embers of Existence, Engraved Disillusion has set out to showcase their passion for one of the most intense, honest and purest forms of music and to capture the hearts and minds of metal fans worldwide.

"Great, complete and complex songs that leave not much to be desired. There are memorable melodies, surprising tempo changes, catchy riffs, handsome solos. The rhythm section is tight as anything the 'barely legal' segment of porn has on offer....92/100"

"Ten subjects show an extreme metal band current, which has self-produced an album more than worthy and top it with a brilliant artwork of the famous Colin Marks (Sylosis, Scar Symmetry, Aborted). A good excuse to seize this Embers Of Existence ....7.5/10"

"Since the release of Desolate the band has acquired a respectable fan-base proving their skills and maturing both as a band and individually. Once again this UK combo is offering a powerful, intense and dynamic material. Embers Of Existence is therefore both a lesson in violence and aggression as well as to a melody and beautiful sound.....82/100"

"The band’s debut album Embers Of Existence is a supreme showcase of extreme metal, exhibited by Chris Threlfall’s rapid-fire double bass drums and Chris Pugsley’s terrifying gravel-throated scream.....main songwriters Stewart and Matthews have a fine partnership and there is more than enough here from Engraved Disillusion to proclaim them a very exciting band"

"If it were brought "Embers Of Existence" in the near future on a label in circulation - a deal is certainly only a matter of time.....7/10"

"The talent on display from a band so young is frightening and it bodes very well for the future. If Engraved Disillusion’s sophomore ...... they may well have the album to propel them into the big time....7/10"


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