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Fall Against Fate


this band

Average rating 4.4

Fall Against Fate


20 Apr 2012 date joined

England, Hertfordshire

Tom Saunders Guitar

Jim Dummer Vocals

Lewis Ryder Bass

David Wilson Drums

Paul Wood Guitar


Formed in 2009 by a group of friends who wanted nothing more but to write music and enjoy doing it, Fall Against Fate was fixed on making their post-hardcore/tech potion a different breed that people would remember. After several gigs in their local town, a lot more than just the local citizens began to notice. The band released "If Not For Ourselves" which attracted the interest of people far and wide, and then began reworking their line-up to finally realise the vision original band members Tom Saunders and Lewis Ryder had from the band’s outset. Since then Fall Against Fate have shared the stage with a vast array of respected bands and played in some impressive venues all over the UK. Fall Against Fate constantly leave fans more than satisfied with their creative, visually alluring live show, and addictive song structure. They have combined emotional lead melodies, with brutal, technical, heavy and catchy riffs. The results are proving to be sensational, and are being recognised by all listeners willing to give them a chance. “Fall Against Fate are doing exactly what every other tech metal band are doing at the moment...only a thousand times better, this band are incredible and are certainly one to look out for" says Matt Greiner of August Burns Red. Now, armed with a superior new record and a solid new line-up, Fall Against Fate have returned to the scene a stronger force than ever before. “If Not For Ourselves” the band’s sophomore EP was self released for free on their website and has already received serious interest from listeners worldwide. The band have finally come into their own as a technically gifted and committed 5-piece group, a group who cannot be missed. If Not For Ourselves is a forward-thinking record that displays bigger choruses, heavier guitars and Fall Against Fate’s soon-to-be-signature approach to looking past the tired conventions set by far too many bands within today’s heavy music genres. Not a band to rest on their laurels, after having played gigs and tours non-stop since the EP release, Fall Against Fate are getting ready to release their debut full length album displaying the band's solid progression into one of the UK metal scene's most talented groups. They recently released a brand new single titled “BLINDFOLDS” along with their debut music video which has received an immense amount of positive feedback aswell as currently working on a comic book series. Great things are in store for Fall Against Fate and the many who follow them do so positively. Join them? Your choice. Love them or hate them, Fall Against Fate are here to stay.


Volumes, Structures, August Burns Red, I The Breather, Architects, Periphery, Underoath

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