Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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Far From Innocent


this band

Average rating 2.4

Far From Innocent


15 Mar 2012 date joined

England, Norfolk

Zeke Parrish-Amos Vocals

Isaac Crass Drums

Liam Taylor Guitar


We don't expect anything revolutionary to come from our music, but if we inspire anyone to do anything please let us know, as it is the most we can hope to achieve other than fun in this dying industry. Associate with few, Disregard respect. Stay true to yourself.


Zeke- Neil Perry, Eyehategod, More Than Life, La Dispute, Defeater, Cancer Bats, Lower Than Atlantis Liam- Kerouac, Lower Than Atlantis, The Safety Fire, La Dispute, Defeater, Vildhjarta Isaac- Deftones, Cancer Bats, Metallica, Gallows, Crass.

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