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I W@nt

this band

Average rating 4.1


I W@nt

12 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Oxfordshire

Jonathan Blunsdon vocals/guitar/drummer

Rosie Lund bass

James Evans Guitar


Fleisch is rising like a musical phoenix out of the ashes of what was once Krieg AK. Sadly, Krieg AK disbanded last Autumn and since then, co-writer, guitarist and programmer, Jonathan ‘Sonic’ Blunsdon has been busy working on his solo project ‘Fleisch’. Many hours have been spent in the studio, writing and recording the songs. Sonic has written, arranged, programmed, played all the instruments and sung vocals on all of them. He constantly keeps on coming up with new ideas and ways of making them sound more exciting and edgy to the ear. So what does Fleisch sound like? You’ll have to judge for yourself, but it is best described as being straight forward, hard hitting industrial metal, orchestrated with an expansive range of sounds and effects, with biting guitars, tinges of techno and 80’s style vocals. Oh and it’s a bit theatrical too! There’s something very satisfying about saying the word ‘Fleisch’ in English, but it will be interesting to see what the Germans’ make of it, as it means Meat! You could say that Fleisch stands for music that is substantial, solid and fulfilling, rather than boring and dreary, like watered down beer, or a short lived one hit wonder, like a fast food take-out! Sonic is joined by the very capable Rosie Lund on bass and James evens on Guitar for Fleisch’s live performances. Both of these musicians have many years of experience, playing in a range of bands; James and Sonic were both members of the band Prestige. Together, they produce a tight spectacle of sound and sight. Fleisch look forward to seeing you at gigs and hope you enjoy being part of the experience.


Marilyn Manson, Static X, Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Terminal Choice, Rouska, Oomph and many more

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