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Fly By Nature

I Want It All

this band

Average rating 4.4

Fly By Nature

I Want It All

21 Mar 2012 date joined

England, West Midlands

Howie Mars Bar Marlowe Vocals/Synth

Matt The Rattler Moore Bass Guitar

Sam Driving Face Neumann Drums

Luke OneTake Owen Guitar


After a very unexpected change of line-up Fly By Nature are back better than ever, with new even catchier material and a thirst to succeed we put our heart and soul into our performances and not only that we put our heart and soul into getting to know our fans, we really do want it all! "Fly By Nature have had a bit of an uphill battle during the making of this E.P, with the original band members departing in late 2011, leaving the remaining members with unpaid recording bills and unusable mixes (due to the main songwriter leaving the band). So this album is a comeback of sorts, and as they describe it “… about us rising above that and ending up better for it – much like how a phoenix regenerates itself in myth” So, is ‘Phoenix’ any good? The answer is a resounding yes, with a funk-rock sound similar to early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and also with a subtle hint of Level 42, one of my favourite bands of the 80′s). - Born Music Midlands" Since our unfortunate experience we have gone on to make an albums worth of material, had plays on major radio such as BBC WM and Salford Radio, the band itself has experience gigging for well over 6 years and have worked effortlessly to produce the music for what is sure to be a jaw-dropping album!


Muse Red Hot Chilli Peppers Rage Against The Machine Level 42

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