Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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24 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Leicestershire

Becky Woolman Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Joseph Evans Rythm Guitar

Oli Frost Drums, Piano/Keyboard

Robert Fulton-Hamilton Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals


Starting off with Rob and Oli, jamming a couple of days a week, then decided to take part in a concert and enrolled Becky to sing and play guitar. Eventually we decided we needed a bass guitarist, so we got ourselves a guitarist.... getting Joseph to play guitar we then swapped round bass throughout the set list depending on what song. we play a variety of our own tracks and a few covers to keep the set upbeat! Thats the line up complete, with tons of more gigs lined up ready to take the stage and rock out!


Joseph- Oasis, Jimmy Hendrix, Noel Gallagher Becky- Paramore, Lots of others..... Oliver- Alter Bridge, Rise Against, As I Lay Dying, Kiss, Iron Maiden Robert- Bullet For My Valentine, Greenday, Alter Bridge, Van Halen, Metallica

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