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French Soul Party


this band

Average rating 4.5

French Soul Party


7 Jan 2012 date joined

England, West Yorkshire

Alex Headford Vocals, Guitar

Will Irving Bass

Olly Carr Synth

Dan Senior Guitar

David Wallwork Drums / Cowbell


French Soul Party are an indie dance quintet from Huddersfield, UK. Since meeting in late 2010 and gigging around the local area at venues such as The Picturedrome and Bar 1:22, “French Soul Party EP” was created in the summer 2011. Post-release of track THC attracting an immediate interest online, debut tracks June and Coastguards have been recently played by BBC Introducing West Yorkshire and recent lovechild “Greek” has been described as “Playful, uptempo and clean alternative pop” by online blog Oslo Indie Office. Listed influences and inspirations are varied; Justice, Daft Punk, MF DOOM, Foals and Ghostpoet amongst a few. In the words of Music promoters Croon UK “you really are reminded of the kind of night where you gyrate about in a dimly lit room, drinking cans of overpriced red stripe and wake up with a sore head.” If that sounds like your idea of a good night, you will probably like French Soul Party. Current Location


Justice, Foals, MF DOOM, Ghostpoet, Mystery Jets, Marvin Gaye

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