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Gasoline Thrill

Not Afraid

this band

Average rating 3.2

Gasoline Thrill

Not Afraid

15 Feb 2012 date joined

England, Greater London

Samara Kain Vocals, guitar

Monica Nix Bass

Marf Lewis Guitar

Dave Guy Drums

... ...


Formed by Singer-guitarist Samara kain, GASOLINE THRILL took its name when final member, drummer Dave Guy took up sticks and completed the line up alongside Marf Lewis (Guitarist) & Monica Nix (bass). The explosive creative entity and strong camaraderie were born and a pact to go full speed was sealed. “It's fast and furious!'' and from then on, Gasoline Thrill rapidly became ''THE band to catch live taking London by storm, emerging as not only a great live act but as a band who produce outstanding songs” says promoter Stu Occupier. Gasoline Thrill gathered speed and produced the self released EP ‘Never Go Back’ under their previous name Catfight ,a 4 song EP comprised of 3 amped-up and 1 mixed-tempo blasts of fury! Describing their sound would be easiest with a Venn diagram, placed in the area where metal and punk and distorted indie rock overlap”, writes The Impaler in Mass Movement. Following countless interviews, reviews and radio plays, Gasoline Thrill embarked on a UK tour and recruited new 'Thrill Seekers' playing shows alongside Die So Fluid and Black Sonic among others while in turn continuing to write new material . After a successful tour, The Thrill Givers switched into higher gear in the summer of 2011 when they entered the studio in South London to record their most sought after tracks. The full length album titled ‘Burn’ was ready to release in Jan 2012. In anticipation, the first single 'Not Afraid' was released digitally in Dec 2011 with a hot video to accompany the track. The band has evolved into one of the most dramatic and sought after up and coming rock bands. Their red blooded performance, along with their dynamic, high-powered and catchy songs reflect the helter skelter of life itself and will leave you craving more.


l7, Joan Jett & Blackhearts, Hole

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