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Girls That Scream


this band

Average rating 4.5

Girls That Scream


10 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Warwickshire

Steve Scream Synths/backing vox & scream/percussion

Kiffy Drums/backing vox & scream

Trash bass

Chris D Guitar/lead vox


\\\\\\\'Girls that Scream\\\\\\\' is an ambitious band from the UK that arose from the dreams of four good friends and their love of rock and electronic music. The band is situated in the midlands, and have gigged extensively, in particular focusing on Birmingham and London. The band is now coming into its fourth year. The band first felt recognized when they were asked to perform on BBC Birmingham\\\\\\\'s unsigned radio show where they played four songs live. Kerrang radio then began to play their myspace hit \\\\\\\'Club Killah\\\\\\\'. Also recently Shooting there Music video for there new single \\\\\\\'Romance\\\\\\\' with movie producer Andy Cull. The original line up remains the same as 4 years ago with Chris David on Guitar and Vocals, Trash on Bass and Steve Scream on synths and the recent addition of drummer Kris (Kiffy) Farrel. The sound however, has matured constantly. After the band was part of \\\\\\\'Ear Candy Records\\\\\\\' for 2 years before deciding to go on their own because of the label going bust. GTS had the privilege of working with some very passionate and experienced people, from producers to directors. Girls that Scream firmly believe that the ups and downs of the industry only makes you stronger, and their live set has never sounded so raw. After a period away writing new material the band is set to record and hit venues all across the UK promoting themselves as much as possible. The band have matured incredibly as musicians and song writers are are more passionate about the live show and the music than ever! we are looking to work with a label, management or booking agent so please email us at


Teenage Bad Girl, Justice, Felix Da Housecat, Aphex Twin, Prodigy, Jackson & his computer band, Mr.Oizo, Sebastian, Motley Crue, Atreyu and many many more...

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