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Give Chase


this band

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Give Chase


31 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Shropshire

Simon Redford Sears Lead Singer

Adam Morris Bass Guitar / Synths / Backing Vocals

Chris Williams Drums

Evan Walker Guitar


Give Chase are a high energy urban / electro / metal four piece from the West Midlands that pack a tight, punchy and unique performance.

Formed in March 2005 originally under the name ‘Forty Thieves’ the band played at local music events/venues over a 6 month period including 2 festival slots and headlining a third. In 2008 it was decided a fresh start was needed and that although all the original members remained, a rename was required resulting in ‘Give Chase’.

In 2009 the EP ‘Chuck and Cover’ was released and then followed up in mid 2010 with a completely new studio album entitled ‘The Royal Exchange’, The remaining 7 months of the year was spent performing and promoting the new album and included live Radio performances on ‘BBC Introducing’, weekly airplay on BBC radio, air time on several smaller independent radio stations and lots of live performances across the midlands.

March 2011 saw Give Chase release the 6 track EP entitled ‘Don’t Open Your Eyes.’ The album featured two new tracks and four remixed versions of songs found on ‘The Royal Exchange.’

Over summer 2011 the band have released a video for the track ‘T.F.T.I.D,’ followed up by a 6 track album – ‘Society. Inept.’ an epic journey depicting the capture, escape and demise of a fictitious character – the band’s take on current society and the window through which they view it.

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