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Smashed To Pieces By Falling Faeces

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Smashed To Pieces By Falling Faeces

10 Apr 2012 date joined

England, West Yorkshire

Gorehorse Splatterhouse "Corpsifier" Goretar & Vocals

Captain Hand Bass & Low Frequency Claps

Dhalsim Kabbadhi "Spirit of Goruguay" Goretar

Gore Don Winter-Blast Apparatus


With frequent waves since 2001, the meanest, nastiest, most ridiculous orchestra, or even collection of things, to come out of Goruguay have often been accused of writing in metaphor and bending the truth with their tales of defecation from the mile-high club, human speedbumps and sadistic medical procedures such as pizza base-grafting and pyropractic surgery. However to point your fin with such allegations is to be racist to the people of the proud micro-continent of Goruguay. A misunderstood place. A place of nightmare and horror to the uninitiated. And a place of strong tradition and custom to the indigenous.


Cannibal Corpse. Presidents of the USA. Macabre. Gamma Ray. Iron Maiden. At the Gates. Carcass. Tool. Deicide. Dissection. Impaled. Ghoul. Testament. Slayer. Metallica. ET CETERA!!!

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