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Hells Addiction


this band

Average rating 4.5

Hells Addiction


6 Apr 2012 date joined

England, Leicestershire

Ben Sargent Lead Vocal / Guitar

Liam Sargent Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Jason Green Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Luke Morley Drums


Leicester's own Hell's Addiction formed just over a year ago through a love and passion for classic no bullshit rock. With its members having come together from local bands De Sade, Dirty Cocktail and Forgotten Sun, and a stageshow honed by supporting bands such as Heaven's Basement, Voodoo Six, Fury UK, The Heavy Metal Kids and Zodiac Mindwarp, these guys really know how to rock! Hell's Addiction play with a raw intense energy that very few bands possess and live onstage is where the band really hit you hard. The Band have just finished recording there first album "Raise Your Glass" and now look forward to playing live as much as they can!!!!


AC/DC , Skid Row, Guns N Roses to name a few any 80's early 90's ROCK we love it all!!

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