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Battle Scars

this band

Average rating 4.4


Battle Scars

14 Apr 2012 date joined

England, Lancashire

David Malone Vocalist

Jake Huxley Vocalist

Ryan Bold Bassist

Jordan Pugh Drummer

Ash Wilson Lead Guitarist

Christie O'Doherty Rhythm Guitarist


6-Piece Metalcore band from Blackpool. Formerly known as Season of Chaos. We have a 4 track EP out now, which is Self titled; HeWhoDares

"hewhodares - hewhodares ep review. as i mentioned in my previous review of buried by the sirens “conflicts” ep, there must be something in the water over in blackpool, seriously, the talent that comes from there as of late is amazing. opening track “battle scars” kicks off with a huge sounding, staccato breakdown. and then the bands vocalist comes roaring in, bringing to mind one landon tewers of the plot in you and chris roetter of like moths to flames. then an instantly memorable clean chorus rears its head (so memorable in fact, i found myself singing along to it on only my second listen) that brings to mind jason cameron of bury tomorrow. second track “james bond cant kill zombies” slings out disgustingly heavy breakdowns like right hooks to the face. seriously, the breakdowns on this track are insanely heavy. the track might be short (only two minutes and fifteen seconds in length) but its oh so very sweet. third track “save yourself” is an absolute stormer, dishing out riff after riff and hook after hook. the b side to the ep “the liar” is a relatively short track, kind of acting as an interlude of sorts, with it being just over a minute in length, it features some beautiful acoustic guitar work with the bands vocalist screaming his heart out over the top of it. not too dissimilar to while she sleeps “the truth” in fact."

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Parkway Drive, Architects, The Ghost Inside, The Plot In You, Bury Tomorrow, Attack Attack!, While She Sleeps, Like Moths To Flames, Memphis May Fire, and Silent Screams

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