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Hugh Keice

Where June Begins

this band

Average rating 3.8

Hugh Keice

Where June Begins

20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Greater London

Hugh Keice singer-songwriter (Vocals, Guitars)

Danny Seddon Bass

Ronan McCullagh Lead Guitars

Juanma Nieto Drums


UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist (Pop category) 2011\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'- Hugh Keice is a UK based singer-songwriter who initially started his music career in South Korea, developing his unique sound on the local indie scene. During which time he won the ‘Cyworld Music Award Choice for May’ with his single Winter Tree in 2007. Accepting a new challenge Hugh headed to London to further his career; in 2010 he released his debut EP album When Summer Holds The Rain. In “When Summer Holds The Rain” a narrative ties all the songs together, weaving a story of how one’s loves and relationships in life can change like the seasons. The EP is lovingly hand-made from scratch; all instruments are played by Hugh and the recording sessions took place at his studio flat in Notting Hill –to the protest of his neighbours. The cozy feeling is further enhanced by Postino who mixed the material at his home studio. “Focusing on the idea of ‘organic’ sounds, I attempted to maintain as much analogue warmth and natural acoustics as possible. As far as genres are concerned, I think the album dips in and out of myriad music styles. One could call it ‘alternative pop’ at heart. Jamiroquai, John Mayer and Coldplay bits and pieces are in there, too.”

‘The new pop voice of East End\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' (

Semi-Finalist in Pop category with “Where June Begins” (UK Songwriting Contest 2011)

Selected artist with “My Last Piece” (Send Us Your Music Campaign with Channel 5)


John Mayer, Jamiroquai, Incubus, Coldplay

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