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I Divide

Never Be Stopped

this band

Average rating 4.4

I Divide

Never Be Stopped

19 Dec 2011 date joined

Week 12 buzz chart winner

England, Devon

Dave Mooney Drums

Josh Wreford Rhythm Guitars

Henry Selley Lead Guitars

Tom Kavanagh Vocals

Kristen Hughes Bass


"Exploding out of Exeter with blistering single - 'The Arrival', I Divide made an enviable grand entrance into the UK rock scene at the dawn of 2011, dazzling fans with aggressive and epic anthems that summon forth the finest moments of We Are The Ocean and Deaf Havana.

Led by unique vocal talent Tom Kavanagh, this tight knit quintet comprises axemen Henry Selley and Josh Wreford backed by drummer Dave Mooney and bass maestro Kristen Hughes.

Released under original moniker 'Dancing With The Enemy', debut EP 'The Ghost Between Us' showed enormous promise with an exhilarating sound that saw pop rock souped-up with a sizeable dose of metallic aggression. As the quintet evolved into an increasingly lean hard-rocking machine, the bands original namesake was slimmed down accordingly to 'I Divide'. Spanning their earliest offerings and fresh studio findings alike, 'What's Worth More' saw an October release that triggered extensive tours across the country.

Taylor-made for wildly energetic rock shows, I Divide's razor-sharp sound is sure to set 2012 on fire." - Big Cheese Magazine.


Young Guns, Saosin, Sleeping With Sirens, The Sleeping, Foo Fighters

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