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I'll Stay In Memphis


this band

Average rating 4.4

I'll Stay In Memphis


23 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Greater Manchester

Joel Heywood Vocals

Elliot Middleton Guitars

Tom Clayton Guitars/Vocals

Luke Fogg Bass/Vocals

Phil Smith Drums


Forming in early 2010 in Manchester UK, I'll Stay In Memphis have been perfecting their energetic, textured yet ambient sound that transcends the Post hardcore genre. Recorded and produced by their own guitarist and written as a band collective, the songs found on this very page are the result of hard work and time spent making sure each individual element is as desired.

With the mindset the band... have always had of doing everything themselves and keeping things homegrown, from the song writing, recording and producing to the artwork created.

Every comment you send will be replied to, every message of feedback;good or bad will be responded to with thought, and every single person who takes the time to have a listen will be greatly appreciated.

So come say hey...


Misery Signals, Underoath, The Color Morale, Oh Sleeper, He Is Legend, The Bled, While she sleeps

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