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Illusion Overtone

The Scene is God

this band

Average rating 2.3

Illusion Overtone

The Scene is God

22 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Northamptonshire

Oli Knight Vox/Guitar

Andy Armstrong Vox/Bass

Will Knight Drums


Way back when, when we were little cherubs who could play some chords and beat on drums we decided to make music. Whether you thought it was bad or good, it was music. We played some gigs, we did some shows and then we grew up a little and got pissy with each other. We did what all bands do at that stage we tried to change our sound and had a bit of a line up switch. It did not work. So then we did what all bands do at that stage and we split up. Then we did other things like go to college, join the army and start new bands. We were gone but perhaps not overly forgotten, least ways not by ourselves. Then the new band sucked. So that band broke up and we were milling around going to work and getting paid and feeling entirely bored. So some of us wrote some songs, others of us got ideas, we got excited, so we had a jam, and of course from all good jam sessions comes 3 sweaty blokes who go \\\"fuck yeah that felt great, lets be in a band!\\\" In a word, it fucking ruled. So now we\\\'re gunna get back to doing what all bands do, we\\\'re gunna write songs, we\\\'re gunna play gigs then we\\\'ll record the first eponymous EP, and then we\\\'ll plug the shit out of it and try and get famous. Big love guys, big love.


Nirvana, Deftones, Pulled Apart by Horses, Dead Letter Circus, Twin Atlantic, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters.

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