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Into Ruins


this band

Average rating 4.3

Into Ruins


20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Nottinghamshire

Mike Dawson Vocals

Jezz Spear Guitar

Mike Mayor Bass

James Disney Drums


Into Ruins promise to bring a energetic live show, backed up with killer riffs and punchy rhythms. After playing together in college for over a year, Into Ruins have managed to write a collection of songs that combine hardcore punk elements as well as groove oriented riffs, adding a progressive flair to the songs. With two E.Ps, one of which on iTunes and Spotify, Into Ruins have a burning ambitio...n to further their audience across the globe!


Slipknot, Cancers Bats, Deftones, Rise Aginst, Mudvayne, Hatebreed, Korn, System of a Down, Machine Head, Rage Against The Machine, Blink-182, Skillet, Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine

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