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Overdose - Judgemetal

this band

Average rating 4.3


Overdose - Judgemetal

19 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Essex

Tom Colley Vocals, Guitar

Chris Stevens Bass, Vocals

Colin Wilson Guitar

Josh Johnson Drums


Judgemetal is a four piece band from Essex which plays, you guessed it, metal music! Don't pigeonhole us just yet though! Our music is a little bit different, combining powerful guitar riffs with melodic vocals and synth, and we take great pride in what we write and play. Please, check us out, and be sure to give us a rating, based on how you "judge" our music! (Sorry, couldn't resist :p) Be sure to leave us a like if you enjoy, and please try to help spread our music! We are in for the long game and hope to make a significant contribution to modern alternative music.


Think Slayer. Early Metallica. Stuff like Mad Capsule Markets, too. Our brand of melodic-synth-metal-heavyriffery is influenced by a great many bands! We have been compared to bands across the board from Metallica to Pink Floyd!

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