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Kid Champion

Forgotten What It Feels Like

this band

Average rating 4.3

Kid Champion

Forgotten What It Feels Like

7 Mar 2012 date joined

England, Greater London

Max Walsh Lead Singer/Guitar

Davey Nicholson Bass Guitar

Silas Armstrong Drums/Vocals


Twickenham, South West London, has a proud musical history, having been the breeding ground for such legendary bands as The Rolling Stones and The Who, as well as contemporary successes like Mystery Jets, Noah And The Whale and Larrikin Love. But amongst the more recent herd of acts eager to find success at any cost, Kid Champion are a band that have risen above the crowds with a proud reluctance to be labeled and a passion for crafting songs that defy genre. The resulting sound – a product of continuing dedication, collaboration and conviction – is forcefully bold, but with an immediately infectious appeal; a new marrying of complex musicianship and pop-heavy hooks laden with honest and heart-strung lyrics about being young, reckless and rough around the edges. First single, “Forgotten What It Feels Like”, is a surging anthem for young lovers, strung up on thick riffs and layered with harmonies that worm their way into the ears and remain for days. This song’s B-Side, “Where Did All The Good Men Go?”, is a heartfelt but furious letter to the scoundrels and liars on every corner, thrust forward one minute by a pulsating, relentless bass line, and tenderly melancholic the next. Continually writing and recording, Kid Champion come with a refreshing blend of technical talent, passionate song-writing and mass-appeal that is hard to find amongst today’s mass-marketed and tailor-made sounds.


XTC, At The Drive In, Jimmy Eat World, Pantera, Steely Dan, The Smiths

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