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Ace (live in Glasgow 2011)

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Ace (live in Glasgow 2011)

30 Dec 2011 date joined

Scotland, Strathclyde

Del Wilson Vocals

Davy Wilson Rhythm Guitar

Andy McGlone Lead Guitar

Den Bonura Drums

Miranda Bass


MAIR, 5 musicians, 5 individuals, 1 balls out, kick ass, Groove Metal band from Glasgow. The music is a mix of simple grooves, tight rhythm, soaring solos and a beat to rival any. While showing respect to the bands that have influenced us (Sabbath, Pantera, Zeppelin) we take ideas from many types and styles of music, to keep us both relevant to both older rock/metal fans, while fresh and inventive to draw in new. If like us you are tired of all the pretence and ego and just want to listen to good, honest music, have a listen. MAIR keep the dream alive \\m/


Black Sabbath,Led Zeppelin,Pantera,Down,Stone Sour,Black Label Society,Lamb of God

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