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Make Sparks


this band

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Make Sparks


25 Mar 2012 date joined

Scotland, Strathclyde

Craig Parker Guitar & Vocals

Bobby Garland Bass & Vocals

Adam Parker Drums & Vocals


Hailing from Dundee in Scotland, Make Sparks - Craig Parker (Guitar & Vocals), Bobby Garland (Bass & Vocals), and Adam Parker (Drums & Vocals) - have been making music together since their early teens. Writing sick notes for school for each other Craig, Bobby and Adam would take days off and sneak back home to practise all day long. The ultimate outcome is a hook laden indie rock pop band. Make Sparks...

Having toured extensively thought Scotland, notching up supports with the likes of Feeder, Attack Attack, and Sucioperro, playing festivals such as T in The Park, Wickerman, Wizard, and Oxjam over the last 2 years the band have aquired a very strong and varied fan base... Following the release of their debut EP 'Part of The Masquerade' Make Sparks gained critical acclaim, vast radio play, and were Rocksound artist of the week. In may the band will release 'Rewind' as their debut single.


''Your Heart is on Fire by Make Sparks may well be the catchiest song ever written by any man, or woman, anywhere ever. Even catchier than Jump by Van Halen, there, i said it.'' - Ally McCrae, BBC Introducing/Scotland /// ‘’ Well crafted pop songs performed with true belief and enthusiasm; a result of the years of dedication invested in their craft.’’ – The List

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