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Making Maisie

Fish For Stars

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Making Maisie

Fish For Stars

20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Warwickshire

Joshua Neal Bate Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Louie Forde Guitars, Lead Vocals

Bryn Walton Bass, Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals


Born in the earliest days of May, Making Maisie is a three piece band with high hopes and aspirations. Focusing on Blues and Funk, they still try to keep their music modernised which gives the songs a unique and an interesting feel. The name comes from the impending arrival of Louie’s first child. As the date drew nearer, and the boys were stumped for a name, they thought of all the things that inspired them. Now, to Louie, the happiest time of his life was happening, Maisie was on her way. Bryn suggested the name should, therefore, have something to do with Maisie and the concept that was ‘Making Maisie’ was born.


Stevie Wonder Jimi Hendrix Sugar Hill Gang Muse Radiohead B.B. King Marvin Gaye The Strokes

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