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March on Rome


this band

Average rating 3.8

March on Rome


19 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Essex

James Nolan Lead Vocals

Sam Drury Guitar/Vocals

Peter Anderson Guitar/Vocals

Neil Claydon Bass

Michael Anderson Drums


After working together in several bands beforehand, brothers Michael (drums) and Peter (guitar) Anderson formed the band ‘Desert Kiss’, calling upon Sam Drury (guitar) and Neil Claydon (bass), after having worked with Neil previously as a guitar player. They began by performing as a 5-piece, but after parting ways with their singer, ‘Desert Kiss’ performed began to branch across Essex by putting on their shows and playing wherever and whenever they could as a 4-piece for the year that followed, with Sam taking on the task of fronting the band. For a while this seemed to be working, crowds were responding to the set that consisted both of originals and a few covers of the artists that influence the band to this day, such as the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys. Yet in spite of the progress the band was making, they wanted to take their music to the next level by allowing Sam to grow as a guitarist and songwriter. At this point the band re-named itself ‘March On Rome’, and their desire to take their music to the masses brought forth the arrival of singer James Nolan whose voice won over the band after watching several videos of him perform on stage as well as in his room. With this, demand for the band soared, including being asked to perform in numerous street parties and festivals, with even more gigs over London, Essex, Norwich and Oxford, playing in venues such as the London’s Relentless Garage, o2 Academy Oxford, the 775 capacity Towngate Theatre, supporting the likes of The Xcerts, Missing Andy, Dinosaur Pile Up, That Sunday Feeling, The First, Japanese Voyeurs, The Hype Theory and Johnny Get The Gun. The band also earnt a slot at Brownstock Festival, playing on the same bill as bands including Athlete, Pendulum, Example and The Milk. The band have sold out The Hermit in Brentwood on 4 of its 5 headline slots, as well as their own headline show in their hometown of Billericay. Recently, March On Rome also received airplay from BBC Essex and were featured in Kerrang! magazine\'s in their \'local heroes\' section. The band had found the voice to take them forward and from here they have gone from strength to strength, both in terms of playing and songwriting. Peter and Sam are now forming a partnership one would think was far-fetched for their age, whilst Michael’s lyrics broke both his and the band’s boundaries of expectation when he began working with James, and in terms of rhythm, Neil and Michael are now writing to a much more mature level, providing an effective platform for Sam and Peter’s melodic and complementary guitar work. Each member is blossoming as a musician and songwriter, accumulating masses of experiences in the process and here came the creation of the band’s first record, the debut EP, Higher, which has received nothing but positive feedback, with one pre-release review from ‘Southend Who?’ labeling it as the potential ‘...unsigned release of the year’. For a period the band also acquired a synth player, but due to a lack of chemistry and the desire to be a guitar-focused band, they parted ways and the result is what the five feel is the perfect formula, with an unbreakable chemistry in place. With a set that is energetic, uplifting, tight and mature, with not only songs but instrumental jams in between tracks, they are prepared to branch out and perform across the country to wider audiences, fueled not only by their love for performing, but for music. Already a second EP is in the works and demand for the band is on the rise like never before, with gigs booked across London and along the South Coast.

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