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Massacre On Privet Drive

Fluffy The Three Headed Brutalizer (HD/0:44 to skip intro)

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Average rating 4.2

Massacre On Privet Drive

Fluffy The Three Headed Brutalizer (HD/0:44 to skip intro)

31 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Cumbria

Jack Kinsey Vox / Promotion

Tim Wilson Guitars / Production


Crushing two-piece Harry Potter Deathcore From the North of England. [Dumblecore]: Generic deathcore with a twist of lemon & magic

After seeing a facebook group question what dumbledore and metal would be like, Tim Wilson And Jack Kinsey set off to Make the worlds first ever Harry Potter Influenced brutal death metal. With a unique sound, blending Breakdowns, group chants and harry potter. Dumblecore officially started in June 2010 with their debut single. 'The Great Feast', and soon followed their debut Ep 'Taking Advantage of Moaning Myrtle'.

With a worldwide fanbase developing, appearances in Kerrang magazine, and blogs all over the world.They changed their name to Massacre On Privet Drive, to suit their new found sound. with Plans to Record & Release the new 8 track EP 'The Hallowed Contagion' and a full UK differences split the band in september.

Reigning from Carlisle the 2 pieces are back and recording The Hallowed Contagion at present for release later this year


The Weasleys, Harry Potter, Emma Watson, The Contortionist, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Deftones, The Boy Will Drown, All Shall Perish, Salt The Wound, Emmure, Thy Art Is Murder.

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