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Mind Set A Threat

All The Hours

this band

Average rating 4.5

Mind Set A Threat

All The Hours

17 Jan 2012 date joined

Scotland, Central

Pabz Buddy Guitar

Adam Gardner Guitar/Vocals

David Livingstone Vocals

Gary McLauchlin Bass

Gary Anderson Drums


Mind Set A Threat are not just another cardboard cut out band trying to fit the ‘scene’. The Edinburgh quintet come at you all guns blazing and wearing their passion on full display. This not only sets them aside but sees them rise above the generic bullshit being churned out by their peers. Awe inspiring metal riffs over laden infectious melodies to create what can only be described as the perfect balance. Dual clean and unclean vocals are again of an extremely high standard, taking you on a rollercoaster ride of passion infused sings and ferocious screams. Combined with the impeccable musicianship on display here, this will leave you one satisfied listener and undoubtedly scratching at the walls for your chance to see this band live.


Whisky, Mojitos, Final Fantasy, Stevie Wonder, Avenged Sevenfold, Alexisonfire

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