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Mindless Art


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Mindless Art


19 Dec 2011 date joined

England, West Yorkshire

Pippa Dey Vocals

Jordan Shaw Lead Guitar

Steve Brodowski Rhythm Guitar

Macauley Haywood Bass Guitar

Callum Haywood Drums


Mindless Art are an alternative rock group based in the Bradford area. We met through out love or writing and playing music. We have been together for 3 years and enjoy playing both originals and covers; We all have a wide taste in genres which gives us all something different to offer to each of our songs! We are currently recording with Jam On Top, based in the Bradford area, and will be releasing a brand new EP soon.


Our music is based on a wide range of genres from the harmonisations from Iron Maiden, the catchy guitar riffs from Fall of Troy, the souring vocals of Bjork with a strong defining tonality of Evanescence, finally the funky drums of RHCP with the added pounding from underground bands such as Jumping Ships and This City. Mix these ingredients together, sprinkle on some bizarre time signatures here and there and leave in the oven until golden brown! This is the sound of Mindless Art!

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